Nato in salita - multimedia exhibition

Interactive sound design for the exhibition "Nato in salita"


Limits Each multimedia station in the exhibition corresponds to an interactive sound landscape. Each sound landscape is introduced by a sound, in contrast to the visual message, symbolizing a critical limit of the depicted environment. People are invited to surpass the physical limit of passive engagement by activating and modifying multimedia stations with their movement, discovering, beyond the sound limit, melodies and sounds from distant worlds.

Explore The source material for the musical composition was recorded in the mountains of Lecco, specifically on the Grigne, the Gamma wall of Piani d'Erna, and the surrounding woods. These places represent the alpha and omega of Carlo Mauri's mountaineering life, and from here, I wanted to launch our sonic journey. In the development of the piece, these local sounds, through electronic processing, expand and connect with exotic sonic territories, creating a soundscape with a universal and multi-ethnic flavor.

Cooperate The music from each station is interconnected and coordinated through a specific technological system. As a result, only through the simultaneous cooperation of multiple individuals can we discover the entire musical composition.




"It has been an honor to work on a composition to commemorate the great mountaineer Carlo Mauri: a figure whose exploits, delved into through readings and valuable conversations with family members, have struck me for the constant and profound sense of respect for nature and the cultures of the world. It is precisely this allure of exploration and the discovery of diversity (which is, in essence, self-discovery) that has guided me in creating sounds and music. This has also been a precious opportunity for me to connect with the territory of Lecco, tuning in to the sounds of our mountains. By recording the song of our forests, I have been able to appreciate even more the sonic footprint of a unique and wonderful region, and feel connected to the protagonist of this work.

Paolo Vallara
Francesca Mauri

Paolo Vallara

Pietro Bartesaghi

Interactive sound design:
HDstudio - Stefano Fumagalli

Music Composition
Stefano Fumagalli

Computer system
Dario Galbusera

Exhibition design project
Guido Camandona