Festival “I re Nudi 2021”

The story- parte 1

Da dove nasce l'idea de "I Re Nudi"

The story- parte 2

The pre-festival, musical neuroscience, interview with Bianco, 'La canzone scomposta' First stage: the spirit.

The story- part 3

The day of September 18, the journey of 'La canzone scomposta,' and the evening concert.

The story- part 4

The meeting with Franco Fabbri, interviews with Giulio Wilson and Lucio Leoni.

The story- part 5

Off festival 'Re nudi in jazz,' presentation of the artistic installations curated by the Teste d'idra collective.


In 2021, marking the 50th anniversary of the first Re Nudo festival in Montalbano (LC), we transformed the festival "I Re Nudi" showcase into a three-week festival. The festival was divided into two pre-festival weeks, featuring three conferences (with guests Franco Fabbri and Alessandro Melchiorre) and two preview concerts titled 'Senti come suona.' "Senti Come Suona" The day of Saturday, September 18, featured 'La canzone Scomposta,' with 5 distributed concerts and the evening concert (see part 3 of the video account to get an idea). In the third week, the off-festival took place with two jazz concerts (guest Marco Colonna).
"In the videos, created by the videomaker Johanna Worton, I tell you what happened and why!"