I’ve always been attracted by the sonic element. Since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by the vibes radiated from a musical instrument and by the emotive echoes of music. That’s why I’ve started playing guitar at the age of 8. Growing up, the study of the instrument became more and more serious and after high school I entered the Conservatory of Como and the University of Milan, studying music technologies and music composition. Attracted by the beauty of art I got close to other forms of art (video, photography, dance) and I enriched my musical formation with multimedia arts.

In 2019 i founded my own recording studio HDstudio, follow this link to see the studio.

The main feature of my work as a producer and artist is the research of empathy between the elements of the creative act (people, technologies, media and others). I’m certain that an holistic approach to an artistic project is the key for a real and incisive communication.

Thank you for stopping by, here you’ll find some samples of my work from the past years, if you think that there could be an artistic connection between us don’t hesitate to contact me!


BA with Honours in Science and Technology of Musical Communication (Università Statale di Milano)

BA with Honours in Electronic Music and Technology of Sound  (Conservatorio di Musica di Como)

MA with Honours in Electronic Music and Technology of Sound  (Conservatorio di Musica di Como)

He studied as a guitarist (classical, jazz, flamenco and rock) for many years and attended workshops and seminars about sound and interaction design (HGKZ – Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst  Zürich) and music composition (Conservatorio di Como – Azio Corghi, Luca Francesconi, Ivan Fedele, Jean Claude Risset). He is also a computer programmer for interactive multimedia applications.


“Premio Andrea Parodi 2012” – finalist (with Bembekiri)

“Festival Musica dei Popoli 2011” – finalist (with Bembekiri)

“Premio Aldo Picialli 2010” – Best national research project in the field of Music Informatics (with Saverio Monti)

“Premio Giovani Talenti Cercasi 2009” – Pisa (with Gruppo Làbun)

“Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2007” – finalist (with Gruppo Làbun)

“Tokyo Digital Music Award 2006” – Grand Prize for Digital Music (with Gruppo Làbun)

“Biennale of Young Artists 2006 ” – Best original contemporary work (with Gruppo Làbun)

“Mantova Musica Festival 2005” – Best contemporary music performance (with Gruppo Làbun)